The best way to find data wherever it lives in your org.

A unified way to find, gain access to, and securely share datasets and analysis.

Find. Discover. Analyze.

More than a simple data catalog, we let you search datasets and their analyses from disparate sources, request permissions, and conduct custom analyses with in-browser Python—all from one platform.

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Find data wherever it lives

Centralize your search across all data sources from Postgres to S3 to Oracle.
See and build upon previously conducted analyses to reduce duplicative work.

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Keep data secure

Data stewards hold the key to granular permissions, unlocking precise access control like never before.

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Immediately start and build upon analysis

Dive right into data analysis with TrovBase’s in-browser Python generator, enabling both experts and novices to create custom code with ease.

Discover datasets and their outputs

Our intelligent catalog allows you to see all of your datasets and associated analyses in one place. Accelerate insights by reusing previous work as a starting point. And find hidden value in datasets that have not yet been fully utilized.

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You keep data where it lives today - We connect the TrovBase to your data sources

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View past analyses: Access and review previously conducted analyses.

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Build and improve: Utilize past work to build upon, promoting efficiency and reducing duplication.

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Explore untapped data: Discover and leverage overlooked or unexplored datasets residing within your organization, uncovering fresh potential for in-depth analysis and insights.

A screenshot of the TrovBase data catalog, including an example of the search functionality and categorizations
A screenshot of the TrovBase permissions management dashboard.

Secure Data Access and Sharing

With TrovBase, you can discover, request access, and analyze data faster, without compromising security. Sensitive data stays protected via granular controls, while our integrated tools eliminate the need to extract data to insecure environments.


Data remains in its original location - we only catalog metadata


Granular access controls allow stewards to customize access to specific columns and rows, for designated time periods


Stewards can restrict access to sensitive columns or only make synthetic data views available.


In-platform analysis removes incentive to extract data, reducing security riskEdited option:
Engage in data exploration right on the platform, effectively eliminating the need for risky data extractions.

On TrovBase, everyone is a data analyst

Whether you're a seasoned data scientist or just starting out, TrovBase meets you where you are. Our platform is designed for users of all skill levels to unlock insights. Democratize data analytics across your entire organization with user-friendly discovery and analysis tools that grow with your team. Unleash the inner data analyst in everyone.

A screenshot of a dataset accessible through TrovBase. This is the export and analysis page. There is a place on the page for editing chart options, a place for viewing the chart output, and a place for seeing the Python code which is run to generate the image.